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Let's get down and dirty. We believe in reducing our environmental footprint, so plastics and disposables don't feature in any of our picnics, and all linens and kitchenware are washed in cruelty free, enviro-friendly products, (because animals are cute, and the world is a pretty epic place). Plus, by choosing us for your picnic, you're feeding back into our local not-for-profit causes, with a donation from each picnic going to one of Perth's rad charities through our human.kind project. Our picnics will make you feel good. This will make you feel even better. You're welcome.

Magical. Whimsical. Fun. Romantic. Enchanting. Whatever the occasion, we can create a picnic styled event, set up in one of the many stunning Parklands, Coastlines or epic Indoor event spaces Perth has to offer.  You choose the view, and sit back knowing you've made a socially conscious choice while we do the rest. 

Picnic [n.] garden party; pique-nique; fête champêtre

The boho & prosecco story

Hola! I'm Sharon, the heart behind boho & prosecco.


I was always a creative tween, and to this day, a sensory girl at heart. The kind of girl gets lost in those experiences of sight, touch, smell, sound & taste.


I don't like clowns or balloons (they're too unpredictable). I mime the words to Happy Birthday while everyone else is singing their little hearts out. I often feel personally victimised by innate objects, and the language that comes out of my mouth when they fail on me would embarrass a trucker. I do a mean crab dance.  I spend an average of 45 mins looking for the perfect spot to sit at the beach. (Should I put my towel on this plot of sand with a view of the ocean, or on that other plot of sand, with the exact same view, a few metres away? Better think about it a little longer.)


I'm also gutsy, I'll give anything a go, and I'm a huge believer in driving social change (Check out my human.kind project to know more).

I haven't always been lucky enough to live a life of creativity. I never thought I'd have a desk job. Creative chicks drive Kombi vans, don't shave their armpits, walk around pantless, and wake up in a different beachside town every morning, right?

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human.kind project by boho & prosecco

human.kind is our Social Conscience. It's how we do good. It's a project by boho & prosecco designed to drive human connection through social interaction, and through doing good through small, every day acts of kindness.

By choosing your event through boho & prosecco,  you are giving back to local causes and supporting a business that strives to be unique, ethical, cruelty free and eco-friendly.

We also have an upcoming human.kind project in the pipeline, where you can be involved in connecting with a group of like minded individuals, where we hit Perth's streets and spread some joy around. Be sure to sign up to our mailing list if you want to be kept in the loop with details.

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Have a place that's special to you? Or need a suggestion on where to hold your event? We've got suggestions for indoors, outdoors, and even in the comfort of your own home.


Whatever the circumstances, boho & prosecco has the perfect picnic for you. Check out our packages, from picnic parties, to weddings & corporate events, we can customise the perfect experience for you.

Win yourself brownie points with a romantic picnic, delicious grazing foods, and a bottle of bubbly, over an epic view. Choose from our high table set up, or a cosy picnic. 

Got the ring, now need the perfect atmosphere to pop the question? We're your wingman. Pop the question at a picnic, or dine under the stars with our high table set up. 

Check out our Look Book to choose the picnic event style for you, or let us know what you're looking for and we can bring it to life for you!

Have a place that's special to you? Or need a suggestion on where to hold your event? We've got suggestions for indoors, outdoors, and even in the comfort of your own home.

Take the tradition out of Corporate Events and Workshops by doing something a little different.

We can set up a picnic style workshop for you, indoors or out.

There's a lot of behind the scenes stuff that goes into creating your event. Check out the extra shiz you need to know before you book.

If you've come this far, you sound like our kind of people. Get in touch to see what we can do for you.

word on the street

The team at boho & prosecco went above and beyond expectations.
My picnic was beautifully presented and matched my imagination of what a perfect date should look like.Communication with the team was prompt, professional and had a personal touch.Everything was made to be beautiful and was so well thought out.
Thank you so much guys !

~ Matt


Looking for the perfect theme for your picnic or party? Some inspiration on which location you should choose? Or just something pretty to look at? Check our our Insta feed for all of the above! (and be sure to follow us so you can stay up to date as we introduce new themes, picnics spots, events, and other feel good stuff.)

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