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This is not the-so-fun stuff about your booking, but essential for you to know to ensure you have the best possible experience.

Q. Why should I choose you as my provider?

We are great hoop jumpers, We have to jump through a million of them to be trading, in order to be compliant with councils, the law, and to protect you as the customer. There's insurances, registrations, laws around food & alcohol provision, and council regulations that all form part of what protects you as the customer and ensures your picnic goes ahead without any drama. You can view all the shiz you should look out for when choosing your provider here. 


 Q. How long is my booking for?

Your package fee is for a 2.5 hour booking, however you can book for additional time at $55 per hour, with a minimum of 4 days notice.

Q. Can I choose my colours?

Of course, we want this to be perfectly perfect for you and what you love. However please be aware that with the exception of our add-ons, you are unable to select which equipment forms part of your booking. With 8-10 bookings occurring all around Perth (#webeeneverywhereman) in any one day, we need to be sure our pretty stuff is distributed evenly so that each picnic looks equally as epic as the next. If you find something you just HAVE TO HAVE, you can request and we will do our best to accommodate.

Q. Whats your maximum number of guests?

We can cater for up to 120 people at any one time. Our maximum number of people per Style = 40 (Set ups of up to 120 people can be clustered into groups of min 10 to max 40, with a different style per cluster)

Q. Can I have my booking anywhere?

When we take on your booking, there's a tonne of stuff we need to consider, including safety, scheduling of bookings around yours, rostering of staff and a heap of other stuff  that's probably really boring to you, but really important to us to ensure we are operating at our best. Bearing in mind that set ups include the lifting of heavy tables, rugs & tubs, the safety of our staff is of utmost importance to us, so here's the lowdown in a snapshot.

  • Bookings on sand or on the beachfront will incur a cleaning surcharge based on booking size (that stuff gets inside everything!). Check out our terms & conditions to see more.

  • Bookings with a set up location further than 50m from the parking area incur a surcharge  based on booking size (because our stuff is heavy as, and there's a lot of it) Check out our terms & conditions ​to see more.

  • Bookings that require staircase or lift access will incur a surcharge based on booking size due to the increased set up and pack down time. Check out our terms & conditions ​to see more.

  • While a specific location may be requested, there is no guarantee that the booking will occur in the exact requested location. We will take every opportunity to honour the location request, however this may vary on the day of the booking subject to parking requirements and location access (because Perth is super pretty, and everyone wants to be outdoors picnic-ing just like you!)

  • If you'd like a specific spot in a park booked, it's up to you to organise this with the council, as all permits must be issued to the customer.



Q. What happens to the flowers from my booking? Can I take them with me?

You sure can, however if you choose not to and would like to bring a smile to the face of someone else, we take them to Nursing Homes around Perth to give out to those who may need some extra cheer in their day. Check out more about this here. 

Q. Can you help me find some other special stuff for my booking, like balloons, custom flower bouquet or a photographer?

We sure can, we're pretty well networked here in Perth, however this doesn't fall within our package fee, which covers the set up and pack up of your event only. Additional coordination can be provided for $55 per hour.

Q. My numbers changed, now what?

Unfortunately we can't reduce your package size once you've paid your deposit. Why? because we're often fully booked and turning bookings away, and if every booking reduced their numbers, that's a whole lotta people that could have locked a booking in but didn't. Once your booking is secured, the wheels are also set in motion, with staff rostered on based on the amount of time your set up is due to take, flowers ordered, food ordered and decor designated to your booking. If you need to increase your package, we will do our best to accommodate subject to equipment availability.

Q. I want a DIY package. What do I need to know?

DIY packages are a great way for you to get creative yourself. You'll need a large vehicle for transport of the equipment, with pick up and return to the boho & prosecco HQ in Wangara at a time agreed when you book. The equipment is yours for a period of 24 hours, and all diningware must be returned cleaned and sanitized, with all rugs vacuumed and cushions free of marks/stains. DIY packages don't include fresh flowers, however vases can be provided upon request for you to use your own blooms. All DIY bookings must provide proof of ID, and credit card details for security of the property.

Q. Ok, I'm in. How do I book?

To book, we just require a 50% deposit with the remainder due two weeks prior to the event. If your event is within two week s of the booking date, full payment is due. Please note that deposits are non-refundable if you choose not to proceed with your event. If your booking is within 2 weeks of the cancellation date, full payment of the original quoted price is payable. Bookings on public holidays incur a surcharge of 15%, to cover the penalty rates we as a company also have to pay to service your booking.


Q. Do you need a bond?

We sure do. Credit card details must be provided at the time of booking. No charges are made unless required under the terms & conditions of booking.

Q. What if it's due to rain on the day of my booking?

Shit happens, and we just have to roll with the punches. If the weather Gods aren't looking out for you either party can change the date or location of the booking with 4 days notice. If you do choose to change the location please just be aware that you are responsible for finding your new digs yourself. With multiple bookings occurring in a weekend, we'd find ourselves in a bit of a spin if we had to find new locations for all of you!

Q. Help! I had a last minute outfit change, I needed to stop for petrol, and then I remembered I need to swing by the bottlo and I'm running late!

We know life sometimes gets away from us, so we will hold your booking for 15 mins from the commencement time. After this time, unfortunately we are unable to hold this any longer, and your booking will be packed down. Why? Because chances are we're leaving your set up to do another, and if you run late, we run late, and the next booking also runs late! #rippleeffect

Q. Can I drink at my booking?

In WA, the nanny state, consumption of alcohol in a public place is illegal and you do so at your own risk. Most councils will issue you with a permit to combat this, so best get in touch with the council of the location you choose just to cover your butt.

All of this jazz is covered comprehensively in our terms & conditions, if you'd like more information.

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