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human. kind tribe

human. kind is our social conscience. It’s how we do good.

Join our human. kind tribe and let’s do good together.

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​We have two passions...

Driving human connection through social interaction and doing good through small everyday acts of kindness are two powerful ways to make a difference. When was the last time you donated money to a charitable cause? Was it an unnoticed direct debit that's been deducting a tenner a month from your account since you can remember? Or was it buying a good-cause gift at your local school fete that ended up straight in the bin?

The reality is that the world's problems can seem so immense that individuals may feel too helpless to make a difference, leading them to do nothing. But what if everyone did nothing? By choosing your event through boho & prosecco, you're not only supporting a business that's unique, ethical, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly, but you're also giving back to local causes and making a genuine difference in your community.


what local causes do we currently support?

  • Street Doctor - A mobile GP clinic that aims to improve the health and wellbeing of homeless, transient, disadvantaged and marginalised people in the Perth area.

  • Little Doves - A support group that makes memory boxes given to parents from hospitals when they lose a baby. These boxes help parents grieve and provide momentos to aid in them cherishing the precious memories of their babies.

Do you want to join our tribe?

We are welcoming our boho & prosecco peeps to join our human. kind tribe.

We want you to help us spread our social footprint. 

The bonus? There is something in it for you too!

If you become part of our human. kind tribe, you will receive exclusive

discounts from our tribe baes:

 💗 crystal & stone

 💗 forage & fromage

 💗 skin & sage

 💗 whatley photography

 💗 boho & prosecco

💗 pinot & picasso vic park


 💗 a welcome gift on joining

 💗 a gift on your birthday

 💗 5% of your membership goes direct to our human. kind charities

 💗 access to tribe only specials and offers

 💗 the opportunity to nominate a charity of your choice for support

all for only $10.99* per month!

does this tribe sound like your jam and then some?

click the link below and sign up today!

*price is inclusive of GST


Are you a Perth business bursting with a passionate social consciousness?

Do you want to join our tribe as a business bae and help us make a difference? If you answered yes to any of the above, we want to hear from you!Get in touch and have a chat with our Queen Bee, Sharon.

Let's discover if our synergies align.

boho & prosecco is an official member of the Tourism Council of Western Australia

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