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Hi, I'm Sharon, also known as the Queen Bee of Boho & Prosecco, specialising in all things luxury picnics. Allow me to introduce myself and share some fun facts about me and my journey with Boho & Prosecco. First and foremost, my heart and soul feel most abundant when I am travelling and exploring the wonders of the world with my partner in crime, my husband Chris. Unfortunately, due to Covid, our travel plans had to be put on hold, but we discovered a newfound love for camping in the beautiful South West of WA.

One of my greatest joys is bringing my friends and family together through my love of food and cooking. Some even call my sausage rolls famous! Additionally, I am bursting with pride in being a grandma, as it has been the most joyful experience of my life so far (apologies to my kids and hubby).


Chris and I are proud fur-parents to Mr. Harvey & Mr. Kaos, and whenever possible, we bring them along on our adventures. My family and friends play a vital role in grounding me and reminding me of what truly matters every day. In the smallest of moments, I find overwhelming beauty and have a deep love for the amazing city that we live in. My passion for Boho & Prosecco lies in the ability to transform something from nothing into something magical. As an Australian at heart, I genuinely call this country my home. Whether I'm surrounded by towering trees in rustic Pemberton or experiencing the charm of the red dirt in the Northern Territory, nothing ignites my creative passion quite like the picturesque city of Perth.

Food holds a special place in my heart as it has the incredible power to bring people together in unexpected ways. From cozy family dinners to providing my renowned sausage rolls for a friend's kids' birthday party or assisting the less fortunate with everyday necessities, my passion for food led me to start my own grazing and catering business called Forage & Fromage. This venture perfectly complements Boho & Prosecco, allowing me to create magical moments and offer tantalising grazing options that are sure to impress even the most discerning palates.

I thrive on creating happiness, supporting those in need, and fearlessly embarking on new endeavors. You could say that I'm "all in, all the time", type of personality.

In the realm of Boho & Prosecco, my utmost desire is to spread sheer delight amongst you beautiful people of Perth. Whether it's serving up surprise picnics, watching the romantic moments of couples adorning fingers with rings, sprinkling birthday happiness, basking in the cuteness of little ones, or orchestrating wedding bliss, my soul is dedicated to celebrating life's grand parties!

So there you have it—a glimpse into my life and the joy I find in doing what I love every day. Let us embark on a journey together, defined by creativity, wonder, and a deep reverence for our world. Welcome to the enchanting realm of Boho & Prosecco, where every celebration becomes a sparkling testament to the extraordinary beauty of life.

Sharon x

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