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Where to start on Me, Sharon…

I took over boho & prosecco from the previous owner (also named Sharon), in December 2021! When I first met her I knew we had a similar vibe in ways I could not explain, but since getting to know her through sharing our stories together, it was uncanny what we had in common!  Before I even had a conversation with Sharon about taking over her business, I held it in the highest regard. 

I've always called Australia home, having lived lived in two beautiful places in Oz, the stunning WA including Pemberton and its huge trees, plus good old Darwin in the N.T.

My parents moved us to Darwin a few years after Cyclone Tracey. You truly haven’t lived if you haven’t experienced a Darwin Sun Set at the Fannie Bay Yacht Club - it will blow your mind! The only real bummer about Darwin is the Weather – TWO seasons, the Wet and the Dry. The humidity is nuts! Make-up on when you leave the house, make-up on your dress from melting off only minutes later. Needless to say if you have a pool in Darwin, you were pretty popular.

I met my husband Chris in Darwin... Now here is a juicy story that you will probably wonder the truth of! Our mates convinced us both to go to the RED CROSS DESPERATE AND DATELESS BALL… (cue the laughing)… So both of us agreed to sign up and make a night out of it with our friends. Chris was only given one match, ME and I was given three. Chap number one was in the Army and called the day before to say he was posted urgently to Timor and could not make it. The big night arrives, the girls line up our cocktails for some pre nerve jitters and I get a phone call from second date, "Hi Sharon I’m running late I’ll be there in 30 mins.. what are you wearing so I can find you?".  I hate people being late so I described the girl standing next to me!

Down to one date left, Mr Chris had called a few days prior and described himself as Mediterranean so I could identify his Greek Heritage. I sit down with the girls and notice a man sitting on his own looking at me. I yelled out "Are you Chris?" Poor fella, his mates had bailed on him!

We hit it off wonderfully and have never looked back, coming up 20 years! Thank you, Red Cross! Our life together in Perth has been simply wonderful.

I love travelling so Covid has been a bit hard on that part of my life, but camping has taken over! We have two fur babies, Mr Kaos and Mr Harvey, they go wherever we go! Our favourite is the South West, where they are so accommodating  for dogs in tow, and you are guaranteed to find a beautiful place for lunch that the dogs are included in and the pet beaches are to die for!


As for my work history, I’m passionate about food and also have my own grazing business, Forage & Fromage. I love making people happy, helping people less fortunate than myself and I always jump in to things headfirst, I go hard and make decisions that I know will make myself and my family happy and proud of me. You could say that I'm "all in, all the time".

My one desire is to maintain the wonderful business ethos of boho & prosecco and continue to make Perth peeps super happy with their choice to use us for their events, putting smiles on dials, rings on fingers, birthday happiness, baby cuteness, wedding bliss and all things PARTY!

So that’s me, the new owner, Sharon!

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