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grazing options


Do you need to level up your picnic and put on a spread for your guests?

Whether you're looking for a date night for two or a grazing extravaganza for 200, our sister company Forage & Fromage has you covered!

Let our team know what grazing options you are thinking about including with your picnic and we can take care of it all for you. They offer a range of gourmet grazing options including boxes, no fuss flat lays, platters and custom orders. 

Let's be honest, who likes dealing with multiple different companies anyway? 

Forage & Fromage  -

Maybe Forage & Fromage doesn't feel like your jam? We have a couple of other options for you below... don't worry, we won't be offended!

Gather & Graze -

Grazing the Roof -

**You will need to order direct through the grazer if you you choose on of the other providers, so that any dietary requirements and questions can be handled by the food professionals.  Please also note that we cannot take any grazers platters with us at the end of the picnic. Please arrange for the grazer to return to collect, or for your food to be in disposable boxes so you can close them up and take them with you or dispose of them before you leave. 

boho & prosecco is an official member of the Tourism Council of Western Australia

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