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picnic styling look book

Check out Our Picnic & Party Styling Options. All have a Rustic Boho spirit to them, however you can choose how you want it to feel.

**Please note that styles are a colour guide only. While no exact item is guaranteed as equipment is distributed amongst all bookings evenly, the style you choose will still be representative of the feel of the images below. Images below may contain add-ons such as napkins, placemats or other hired extras. Flowers used are seasonal and may vary to the images below. 

Blue Bohemia.jpg
Sass & sage.jpg
Pink & blue .jpg
pink & green picnic.jpg

blue bohemia

Silver & Blue. Like the tide & the moon. One colour works with the other  to create something that is relaxed, charming and romantic.  Sleek silvers combined with bold navy and dreamy white, with muted florals and greenery to add that feminine touch.

sass & sage

The subtle earthy tones of sage green, with the sass of gold featuring throughout, Sass & Sage is the perfect combination for those who have trouble making decisions! Equal parts muted and lively, it is blingy, yet unpretentious.

coral bay coast

Think all the colours of the sky changing as the sun sets over the coast. Turquoise blue, to represent the ocean, dusty pink with a pop of orange, to represent the promise of a warm day to follow, with a natural jute & hessian undertone to finish off that beachy vibe.

pink & green should always be seen

For the art lover, the vibrant at heart, the kind of person whose mood is lifted by the influence of a contrast of colours. This style is bold but beautiful, fierce but feminine and perfect for those who like to stand out in the crowd.

Moroccan boho picnic.jpg


Known as the Pink City, the set up is as magical as Marrakech itself. Terracotta, burgundy, red & pink all feature in this vibrant picnic. Throw in the glow of gold lanterns, brass vases filled with deep red flowers, and the twinkle of fairy lighting and you'll feel like you've entered the tale of 1001 Nights.

Pink & white.jpg

a whiter shade of pale

This affair is whimsical, floaty, dreamy, and romantic.  Featuring dusty pinks & rustic white warmed up with a splash of natural textures and the glow of soft lantern lighting.

Urban Earth.jpg

urban earth

Earthy & au naturel, this picnic accomplishes balance and sophistication through the layering of textures, keeping the color scheme to a minimum and incorporating organic accents with natural textures. 

Boho & prosecco-6.jpg
Boho & prosecco-12.jpg
wild rose.jpg

wild rose aurelia

In Ancient mythology the Wild Rose is a powerful symbol of love and adoration.   Aurelia is a feminine given name from the Latin family name Aurelius, which was derived from aureus meaning "golden". Perfect for an environment where you savour the experience of food & champagne with those golden people in your life. This style is Feminine, Elegant, Refined & Sweet.


high dining settings

Are you looking to "elevate" your picnic? We now have high dining options available. These are available with any of the looks listed above and can cater for your more formal boho event.


Let's think outside the box and customise your own perfect picnic theme.

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