picnic spots


Love the great outdoors?

We have a huge list of picnic spots around Perth, however every council has different regulations so we don't list them on here until we know what your requirements are and whether that council permits them.

To use a commercial vendor, Kings Park require you to hire a space from 2 x people upwards  unless you choose a DIY package. You can view costs at https://www.bgpa.wa.gov.au/kings-park/events/bookings/social-groups

All other councils vary subject to group size and required permits


Not a Pluviophile (lover of rain?)
For a hire fee, there are many stunning warehouse style venues in Perth that your picnic style event can be hosted in.

your own digs

Love your own home space?
We can bring our style to you. Any room, yard or balcony can be transformed into a picnic wonderland.