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(almost) famous

Check out where we've been featured, both here in Oz and globally. #mamaimadeit


TLC TV - Extreme Sisters 

Late last year I was approached by Mathew Knight Media about providing a proposal set up for a TLC TV series called Extreme Sisters. The show featured Perth twins, Anna & Lucy Decinque, and they were going to be proposed to by their partner, Ben (yes, he is going to marry them both!). The proposal went live to air on 13 June 2021 and we got a glimpse of our proposal set up on International Television. Watching these sweet, sweet girls get engaged made my cheeks hurt from smiling. With my pride and ego inflated by even being asked to do this, keeping it a secret for 7 long months was tough!  Check out the full feature here. 

bronze boho wedding styling inspiration

To The Aisle

The idea behind this shoot is the beautiful contrast between human intimacy and a vast, impressive landscape. The simplicity and unending nature of the desert-scape helps enhance the complexity and intensity of the romantic relationship. With the table setting, the idea was to create a burst of human warmth and connection amidst the clean, minimal background. Soft, faded colours in details such as the bouquet and table settings added dimension and warmth to the blue sky and white dunes. Check out the full feature here. 


Right This Minute are an American TV show that feature "Behind the Scenes" moment in life. They  got their hands on a video of a Proposal we set up for Brian and Pina, and loved it so much they featured it on their show. Brian & Pina were raw, disinhibited and totally in the moment during their proposal. We can see why Right This Minute loved it so much! Check out the full video here.


Last year, we ran a competition where you got to nominate an Unsung hero in your life. Someone extraordinary. Someone that deserves to be recognised for who they are or what they’ve endured. ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣Myself and 12 other Perth business teamed up to give the person nominated as the winner with the Mother of all prizes to give them in return for all they have done, a day for themselves. 

The winner, Jessie, has survived massive domestic violence, including being in a car with her then-partner and kids, and having him drive flat out at a concrete wall, abandoning them all in the car in the middle of the bush, trying to run her off the road, smashing her windscreen, and a whole lot of other really awful traumatic things that no one should ever have to go through.⁣⁣
⁣ ⁣⁣
Jessie fled and set up life with her two children, one of who has autism, cerebral palsy, and epilepsy. The other has Central Processing Auditory Disorder, resulting in issues with reading, writing and memory recall, and issues with his hips that might eventually result in an operation to break them and reset them. She manages all this as well as another bub, her own successful business all whilst being a FIFO partner!⁣⁣ 

As if this wasn't a fuzzy enough giveaway, PerthNow picked it up and featured it in the news! Check it out here. 

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